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Jeff Coffin! Rex is thrilled to have the chance to perform with one of his biggest musical heroes and his stellar band.

Rex is so excited to be presenting this concert at he National Trumpet Competition with some of his favorite trumpet players! All the proceeds will go to Cancerblows, The Ryan Anthony Foundation

2023 Release: Peter Graham "Force of Nature"

"Several outstanding recordings to enjoy this year, but it was something of a late comer in 'Peter Graham — Force of Nature' (released in November) with Black Dyke Band led by Prof Nicholas Childs on superb form alongside two scintillating soloists in David Childs and Rex Richardson, that won the day…"
Full story at 4barsrest

The evening will be a high-flying encounter, an explosion of sounds in the company of a top-notch rhythm section.”

"The Trumpet" magazine, Tokyo

100 days of practice

2 exciting interviews: Anthony Plog and the Brass Junkies!

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