100 days of practice

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100 Days of Trumpet Practice is a solid practice ritual. A true recipe book covering all aspects of trumpet playing. Rex Richardson establishes the structure of a disciplined routine. A concept that reveals the meticulous and efficient daily work of one of the great trumpet virtuosos. Ear training and mouthpiece buzzing, sound production, flexibility, articulation, fingers, range, improvisation, reading and transposition, repertoire, scales and arpeggios.

Lessons from Jazz: What Improvisation Can Teach Us About Learning, Mastery, and Innovation

This lecture will discuss the complicated, years-long process of gaining mastery in the highly structured medium of jazz and explore ways in which jazz improvisation can lend to a broader understanding of learning, achieving mastery, and becoming an innovator.

Event to be held in person and online.
VCUarts Faculty Lecture Series, October 5, 2021 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm, VCU Institute for Contemporary Art

New publications


Sheet music "Three Etudes for Solo Trumpet" and
"Phrygian Phantasy for 6 Trumpets" 
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