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Sheet music "Three Etudes for Solo Trumpet" and
"Phrygian Phantasy for 6 Trumpets" 
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Shockoe sessions live!

DownBeat Magazine 2020

DownBeat Magazine, Volume 87, Number 4

Efficiency is a long term process...and is essentially determined by how good your technique is. It typically takes months of thoughtful practice to develop great efficiency.

Triple Tongue Study


syllables pattern.
A new take on
Clarke 2nd
technical study.

This is supplemental
to Rex's
Youtube post
featuring Day 12
from 100 Days of Practice.



video hightlights

In April of 2018, The Adam Meckler Jazz Orchestra released their album Magnificent Madness. One of the tracks is Adam's arrangement of Rex's tune "The Tao of Heavy D." 
Adam invited Rex to appear as guest soloist on his own tune and here's how it turned out!
"I gotta give credit where it's due: 90% of the chart is Adam's work! He's a brilliant composer/arranger as well as a tremendous artist. I'm a huge fan!" -Rex

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